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About Muvi

Muvi is a SaaS-based OTT Platform that allows content owners to launch their own-branded Multi-Screen OTT Platforms like Netflix, Hulu, or Spotify across Web, Mobile & TV Ecosystems instantly. Backed with 1000+ features, Muvi takes care of everything End-to-End, including IT Infrastructure, Online Video Player, DRM, CDN, end-user support for websites, and Apps for Mobile & TV. Muvi supports multiple Monetization methods for your content including Subscription-based, Pay-Per-View, Video Ads (AVOD), and many more. Monetize your videos and keep 100% of the revenue! Along with the SaaS-based platform, Muvi also provides standalone products for Live Streaming. You can live stream uninterrupted video/audio content to your viewers across the world.

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