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1222 Florence Ave Evanston, Illinois 60202
United States of America

About Source Elements LLC

We are the makers of Source-Connect: the industry standard in the film and television industry for remote recording, review & approval. We make what seems impossible, possible—real-time workflows that enable broadcast quality production within your collaborative online environment through a suite of dedicated desktop software applications with DAW and NLE integrations. Since 2005 we help connect creative people around the world to collaborate in real-time production, approval, and delivery of professional quality media, for the media industry. We stay with you to see your masterpiece through to completion, with constant communication and 24/7 support. Whether you need to record a voice actor or musician, compose, live-stream, and record an orchestra performance around the world, or sync a commercial spot with video across the city, Source Elements is the way to lock-in sound quality and synchronicity. While the quality, convenience, and reliability of our premier products along with our reputation for high-touch customer service and support are what have established us until now, we work hard to continue the revolution. Stop by and visit us at NAB 2023 to see what we have to offer: we're excited to see you here.

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