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About Quantum Corporation

Quantum is a leader in end-to-end solutions for content creators, broadcasters, sports content producers, film and television producers, and chosen by the world’s leading content and entertainment brands. Quantum’s StorNext is the leading collaborative shared storage platform for creative teams - Quantum’s CatDV asset management and workflow orchestration tools let creatives everywhere see, share, and collaborate on content and projects as a team and deliver their work faster. Quantum’s storage solutions range from extraordinarily fast such as Quantum’s F-Series NVMe storage systems, to extraordinarily scalable and economical such as Quantum’s ActiveScale object storage, ActiveScale Cold Storage, and Quantum’s highly popular tape-based solutions to protect and preserve even the largest content libraries. Quantum’s integrated solutions include a complete hybrid cloud workflow environment for Adobe Premiere Pro teams, and AI and ML driven content enrichment solutions that leverage NVIDIA Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI and ML) libraries and GPU, all integrated into your content creation and monetization asset management workflows. Whatever your content, data, and unstructured data workflow challenges are, Quantum has the technology, expertise, solutions, and partners to help.

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