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The world’s leading broadcasters choose Ai-Media to accurately caption their content. Why? Because we offer all the cutting-edge captioning software, hardware and human services you need in one place – backed by our decades-long broadcast industry experience. What separates Ai-Media from the competition is our ability to deliver an end-to-end captioning and translation solution to meet any requirement – whether to caption a live broadcast, pre-recorded content or an OTT platform with multiple channels. Since acquiring EEG Enterprises in 2021, Ai-Media has become the only true one-stop shop of captioning technology, offering a range of on-premises, virtualized and cloud encoders that seamlessly integrate with our automated and human captioning solutions. All this technology in one place means you can avoid the time-consuming and costly need to integrate third-party solutions. In Ai-Media, broadcasters have the perfect captioning partner. Our solutions are supercharged through automation, cloud and IP video to deliver ever-increasing captioning accuracy, cost-efficiency and streamlined workflows. And they’re applicable to any IP or SDI solution, cover all media connection architectures and standards, and support your content all the way from source to screen.

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