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ALDENA is one of the world's leading manufacturers of Antennas and RF coaxial componenst for Broadcasting, Civil, Military, Land and Naval application. ALDENA is a reliable, innovative, and customer-oriented Company with a long history of engineering excellence in designing and manufacturing turnkey solutions for telecommunication industry. Our portfolio includes: Antennas for digital/analogue services (FM, DAB+, HD Radio, DVB-T2, ATSC 3.0, ISDB-T, TETRA, PMR, ATC), Tower spines-mechanical structure, RF Coaxial accessories, Filters-Combiners, Measuring equipments. ALDENA also offers high quality engineering services: In Factory Pattern measurements, Antenna design, Network planning, OnField installation/commissioning/support, Training. EMLAB software, powered by ALDENA, is highly specialized tool to design and calculate array radiation patterns, coverage area or identify Health Safety EM risk. Moreover, it's possible to calculate the human body exposition to the RF Field Strengths (NIR Prediction) in order to verify the compliance with the ICNIRP, or any other threshold limits (OET 65, SC6, etc.). In addition, a new "Measuring & Monitoring" Division develops and proposes innovative and customized EMF Measurement Systems: Meters, Probes and Antennas.

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