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People have been digitizing their audio-visual content for decades, and despite all that money and effort, very little has actually been digitized. Meanwhile, film collections around the world languish, deteriorating in their cans. Without knowing what exists in these collections, we can’t know what we need to preserve. The only solution is to digitize all content, as quickly as possible, so we can find out what is out there while there is still time. Filmic Technologies was founded with the intent to create solutions allowing film archivists and enthusiasts alike an opportunity to rapidly capture aging footage before it deteriorates to a point where it can no longer be digitized, before it is lost forever. Filmic Technologies' systems are designed to update the film preservation workflow, providing access and the ability to assess entire collections quickly and efficiently. The workflow can be simplified because EasyReel™ Technology does all the heavy-lifting, providing frame by frame analysis of each film. Coupled with a design that allows anyone to be an operator, EZ16 and EZ35 are true mass digitization machines, ready to preserve films for generations.

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