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One App. All Local & Streaming. Our flagship FreeCast HOME service includes our state-of-the-art network appliance with DVR service attached to a powerful ATSC 3.0 HD Antenna that ingests all LIVE local broadcast stations, combined with all streaming channels/tv shows/movies/ppv/subscriptions thru our SmartGuide that wirelessly streams to every device in the home using a single app. Consumers get the ultimate streaming experience for a one time charge of $200. This Whole Home Solution is a home run for consumers, leaving the competition in the rearview mirror and is the ultimate cable replacement. We also offer 2 lower tier services. PLUS offers our SmartGuide streaming app, plus cloud based DVR, 3 TV-direct HD antennas and streaming to 5 devices simultaneously for a one time charge of $30. FREE offers access to over 250 live channels, 500K movies & TV shows, and streaming of local channels in over 50 markets with a free HD antenna to access local broadcasts from all major networks. With FreeCast, consumers never run out of streaming options! FreeCast's platform offers a range of tools and services that enable content providers and broadcasters to easily and effectively reach new audiences. Aside from vast big box retail partnerships FreeCast has gained significant traction and agreements with Fortune 500 Brands in Planned Communities, Condo, Apartment, Campus Living, and Vacation stay markets, gaining access to 23% of the dedicated doors in the US.

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