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The flagship enterprise solution by VideoVerse; Magnifi is changing the game in sports content and fan engagement. The company provides ground-breaking and innovative video analysis and editing technologies that are uniquely designed to offer solutions for the superlative transformation of videos into digital-ready content assets. Magnifi is a distinct cloud-agnostic solution that uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technology to revolutionize how content is refined and consumed -- helping enterprises and individuals create impact and tell immersive stories across all media genres at speed and at scale. As a forerunner in content video development, Magnifi has created radical machine learning algorithms and a holistic video technology ecosystem that delivers dynamic video content in engaging and cost-efficient, easy-to-use formats. Magnifi, its AI-powered flagship product, provides real-time video highlight technology for sports, entertainment and news. Magnifi’s mobile-first approach allows sports enterprises to scale content for any platform or social media channel with the click of a button. We empower enterprises to Magnifi their impact and get a higher ROI via: * Editing @ scale @speed * Creating unlimited short videos * Repurposing content * Socially-optimized content * Smart hyper-distribution

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