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Nomad is an intuitive AWS cloud-native content and asset management platform that leverages the advanced capabilities of AWS Media Services and AWS AI/ML to manage, enrich, discover, and distribute your ever-growing media content libraries - for both VOD asset libraries and Live broadcast streams. Organize and manage all your content including video, audio, documents, images, live streamed broadcasts, and Live-to-VOD conversion; all within a user-friendly interface, and all accessible via RESTful API. Companies can simply drag-and-drop entire content libraries and let Nomad take over. Powerful AI automatically discovers and tags objects, faces, labels, sentiment, and even text in images and video, which empowers deep search and rich metadata discovery. Automatically transcribe and translate into 40+ languages. Through our Adobe integrated Nomad panel, all cloud-based assets are accessible and searchable from within Adobe CS Products. Nomad directly integrates with AWS Link and Videon EdgeCaster encoders for live feed management, scheduling, and broadcasting. The Nomad Platform also includes two ready-made web-based brandable end user solutions: Virtual Experience Platform (intended for audiences to easily experience Live and VOD broadcasts online); and Content Portal (visually rich web portal intended for an audience to view and search content online). Nomad can be quickly deployed into any AWS account; either hosted by the customer, or hosted by Nomad. []

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