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Memnon is the leading name in migrating legacy content archives, enabling storytelling through partnerships with content custodians and media and entertainment organisations around the world. We provide broadcasters, production companies and cultural institutions with the technical expertise they need to preserve, manage and realise the full value of media content. Multimedia formats degrade and become unstable, and legacy technologies such as VTRs are becoming increasingly difficult to source and maintain. So we need to make sure content isn’t lost to future generations. The urgency to protect content before it's too late is only increasing. Many public sector and cultural institutions consider it a priority while broadcasters and media and entertainment organisations might see it as a problem for the future. But at the same time, M&E brands and content owners are expected to be able to draw value from their content libraries. Memnon exists to meet all of these needs and provide customers with the ability to preserve, protect and manage media content – as well as realise its full value. Memnon enables you to make the most of your media. Built on technical expertise and industry knowledge and with a global approach, we solve a wide range of business challenges through our ability to innovate and deliver technology-driven solutions - while providing you with the assurance that your most valuable assets are being treated with the care and professionalism they deserve.

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