SMPTE's Future of Cinema

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Originally Aired - Saturday, April 15   |   9:30 AM - 9:40 AM PT

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When we think of the future of cinema, those of us working in the industry are most oftern focused on the technology landscape, and the new technologies that enable new opportunities in storytelling. The visual impact of a story can create a lasting impression on audiences, and as technology improves, these visuals will become more immersive and defined, allowing audiences to feel like they’re part of the story. The technologies needed to make these experiences possible are already being used to create works of art that will stand the test of time.

Join us to experience some of the most interesting trends happening now.

Included in this Session:

SMPTE's HDR in Cinema - Part 1 SMPTE's HDR in Cinema - Part 2 The Big Screen & Beyond - SMPTE Perspectives SMPTE's Future of Cinema: Large Scale Immersive Experiences

Metaverse, VR and Immersive Experiences | CREATE |


David Grindle
Executive Director
Dan Huerta
Vice President, Studio Relations & Technology Insights
Renard Jenkins
Senior Vice President, Production Integration & Creative Technology Services
Warner Bros. Discovery


Michael Zink
VP Emerging & Creative Technologies
Warner Bros. Discovery