CTV Opportunities After a Decade of Existence!

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Originally Aired - Monday, April 17   |   1:30 PM - 1:50 PM PT

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As central platforms for streaming content today, CTVs and SmartTVs are the hubs for premium OTT services, AVOD and FAST channels. As investments increase from device manufacturers, OTT brands and technologists like Norigin Media, we are seeing a great evolution in designing UI/UX, audience engagement and, most importantly, ad-monetization platforms. How can we push these boundaries? What more is possible?

During this presentation, Norigin Media will showcase: rapid tech advancements within CTVs; opportunities for design, interactivity and accessibility; ad analytics and monetization; and architecting the best Smart-TV UI/UX.

Advertising and Monetization | Intelligent Content, AI and Machine Learning | Multiplatform Content Delivery (Streaming and OTT) | The Future of Delivery and 5G | CONNECT Innovation Theater | CONNECT |


Ajey Anand
Norigin Media


Norgin Media

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