A La Carte Analytics - The Evolution of Data

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Originally Aired - Monday, April 17   |   2:30 PM - 2:50 PM PT

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The evolution of actionable insights in the field of analytics has been significant in recent years, with advances in technology and data management enabling organizations to derive more value from their data. NPAW (Nice People At Work) is one company that has been at the forefront of this evolution, providing customized and standardized solutions that are adaptable to the needs of different organizations. One key aspect of NPAW's approach is its focus on being vertical and size agnostic. This means that its solutions are designed to be relevant and useful for organizations of all sizes, across different industries and sectors. By being agnostic to these factors, NPAW is able to provide solutions that are flexible and adaptable, making it easier for organizations to integrate them into their existing workflows and processes. NPAW is now going to the next step - let the customer define their solution according to their needs, combining deep-dive data with actionable insights. This is related to pure video analytics, but also other aspects like application analytics, content, audience, and ADS.

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Rubén Señor Megías
Chief Sales Officer


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