Applying AI for Premium Video

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Originally Aired - Tuesday, April 18   |   10:30 AM - 10:50 AM PT

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The use of AI/ML usage across premium video is on the rise, due to greater alignment between technical capabilities and market need. Recent advancements in the use of AI/ML can help media companies understand and analyze video (live and on-demand) to create actionable metadata around content assets, generate and manage new content, improve advertising efficiency, and streamline operations. This session will explore some of the most compelling, real-world AI/ML use cases to connect, engage and monetize. It will discuss Comcast Technology Solutions’ comprehensive AI solution for premium video, deployed by Comcast, NBCUniversal, and Sky. You’ll learn how this Emmy® Award-winning technology can generate revenue, engage viewers, transform business models, and more. Specifically, this session will explore new ways that AI can be used to analyze media assets to enhance video experiences at scale, and in near real-time, including:
1: Segmentation: The ability to automatically generate rich metadata of video content, reducing manual processes, to create optimal viewing experiences, chaptering with automated titles and summaries, and smart thumbnails.
2: Live to VOD: Generating live to VOD assets, particularly around automated playlists, clips, or highlights that can then be leveraged for additional monetization.
3: Contextual Advertising: Improving ad efficacy allows users to serve ads based on contextual information included in the video being watched. It detects content for brand opportunities or sensitivities, improving the value of ad breaks.
During this session, attendees will learn:
1: Future lessons about ways in which AI/ML will continue to take hold in the premium video space.
2: Learn more about real-world examples about practical and large-scale applications of AI in premium video.
3: AI is not just creating data models but training AI systems to accurately create meaningful output, which takes considerable time and effort. Attendees will discover solutions that help address this issue.
4: Consumers want easy access to premium video, and the companies in the business of premium video want to ensure that business models and rights are enforced.  All of that is enabled by metadata. Attendees will learn about trends in metadata management that can help keep consumers and business interests aligned.

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Peter Gibson
Vice President, Product
Comcast Technology Solutions


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