The Promise of HDR for Studios and Realities of Advanced HDR Workflows for Streamers. Find Out How to Guarantee Your HDR Workflow Outputs.

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Originally Aired - Monday, April 17   |   11:20 AM - 12:00 PM PT

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High Dynamic Range, better known as HDR, is a standard that helps with color reproduction on displays. It helps to increase color range and dynamic brightness, provides a wider range of colors and depth, and true-to-life highlight and shadow details, making videos more vivid and lifelike. To achieve this vision of HDR, care must be taken in encoding and processing so that every scene can be reproduced with the highest fidelity. 

In this presentation, experts from Samsung and SSIMWAVE will introduce you to HDR10+ which is one of the latest developments in HDR, and how it can be adapted in streaming workflows. We will detail how HDR is verified with content validation tools and technology. The talk will review the key promises that this format brings to the preservation of creative intent, as well as some of the challenges that can be encountered as content goes through complex video workflows. 

We will also discuss the different technologies and quality checks, including SSIMWAVE’s solutions, that can help streamers quickly identify video quality issues in HDR10+ workflows and how they can be resolved efficiently.

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Bill Mandel
Vice President, Visual Solutions Lab
Samsung Research America
Hojat Yeganeh
Principal Video Architect and Research Lead


Nadine Krefetz
Business Consultant and Industry Journalist
Business Consultant and Industry Journalist