American Cinema Editors Present HBO’s The Last of Us

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Originally Aired - Sunday, April 16   |   11:00 AM - 12:00 PM PT

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Main Stage

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American Cinema Editors Present the incredible creative forces behind HBO's The Last of Us, including executive producer Craig Mazin and more, to discuss the meticulous art of editing (Timothy Good, ACE and Emily Mendez), cinematography (Ksenia Sereda), VFX (Alex Wang), and sound (Michael J. Benavente) behind the hit series.

Editing, Post-Production and VFX | CREATE |


Michael J. Benavente
Sound Supervisor
HBO's The Last of Us
Timothy Good, ACE
HBO's The Last of Us
Craig Mazin
Co-Creator/Executive Producer/Writer/Director
HBO's The Last of Us
Emily Mendez
HBO's The Last of Us
Ksenia Sereda
HBO's The Last of Us
Alex Wang
VFX Supervisor
HBO's The Last of Us


Carolyn Giardina
Tech Editor
The Hollywood Reporter