HTML Graphics for Broadcast: Explained

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Originally Aired - Monday, April 17   |   4:30 PM - 4:50 PM PT

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During this presentation, nxtedition will explore the use of HTML graphics in the broadcast industry. HTML graphics provide a versatile, cost-effective and customizable solution for creating dynamic graphics that can be used in live broadcasts, news programming, sports events, and more. The presentation will start by looking at the benefits of using HTML graphics in broadcast, such as the ability to create real-time graphics and incorporate interactive elements that engage the audience. It will also discuss the ease of use and flexibility of HTML graphics, which make it possible to create and update graphics quickly and efficiently. Next, the session will dive into the technical aspects of HTML graphics, such as the use of HTML, CSS and JavaScript to create and render graphics in real-time. It will explore the different tools and technologies available to create HTML graphics, and provide examples of how they can be used in a variety of broadcast scenarios. Finally, the presentation will showcase some of the most innovative and impactful uses of HTML graphics in the broadcast industry today. From immersive augmented reality experiences to real-time data visualization, it will demonstrate how HTML graphics are transforming the way we tell stories and engage with audiences in the broadcast world. By the end of this presentation, you will have a clear understanding of how HTML graphics can enhance your broadcast productions, and the tools and techniques needed to implement them effectively.

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Adam Leah
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