Reconfigurable Manifold Combiner

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Originally Aired - Monday, April 17   |   11:50 AM - 12:10 PM PT

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For many decades, Broadcasters have relied on Constant Impedance Modules (CIF) for expandability and flexibility into broadband RF Systems. Manifold Combining has been done for broadband systems with fixed stations but has not been considered for deployment in master systems that have channels that may be added or changed down the road. The Manifold combiner has enhanced electrical features when it comes to insertion loss (it is equal for all stations versus progressively worse in a CIF), better group delay characteristics, and a significant mechanical advantage of being less than 50% of the size of the CIF.

In this paper, the use of a new reconfigurable manifold will be explored. This new technological breakthrough allows future stations to be added with ease and stations can be changed out for new stations all while having spare parts on site. The addition of the new station will simply be added to blank ports in the manifold spline. The reconfiguration of the spline will be a simple task on site. The site owner will be able to sell spots or add sister stations on the spline with no degradation over the other broadcasters in the chain and the overall cost of the Reconfigurable Manifold Combiner will be a fraction of the price of the CIF.   

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RF Technology and Spectrum Issues


Nicole Starrett
Director of Electrical Engineering