Traffic Peak Management in Efficiently Designed Telco-CDN

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Originally Aired - Saturday, April 15   |   1:30 PM - 1:50 PM PT

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When building a Telco-CDN infrastructure, Internet Service Providers (ISP) first consider the peak throughput and then provision the infrastructure as a function of peak capacity. New network design practices indicate that instead, operators would benefit from dimensioning the infrastructure to cover the traffic demand for a fraction of time, and develop strategies to manage the peaks, which happen when the demand exceeds the capacity of the infrastructure. A peak offloading strategy is particularly effective in online video delivery where demand peaks, often driven by sports events, are transient and significantly higher than average traffic.

This paper provides a tour of CDN management, described by a new approach to design Telco-CDN with greater fluidity, mixing appropriate technologies to provide the right elasticity at the right time.

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Gwendal Simon
Distinguished Software Architect