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Originally Aired - Saturday, April 15   |   2:00 PM - 6:00 PM PT

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Radio’s signature NAB Show kick-off event returns! Join your small and medium market radio colleagues for an afternoon of business insights, topic briefings, fast-paced presentations, interactive roundtables and a closing reception. Seating is limited and advance RSVP is strongly encouraged. RSVP here. For questions, please contact the NAB Member Concierge at (202) 775-2555 or email

2 p.m. Welcome Remarks
Hear from NAB leadership, the Small and Medium Market Radio Committee chair and our presenting sponsor.
Host(s): Julie Koehn, President, Owner, Lenawee Broadcasting Company; April Carty-Sipp, Executive Vice President, Industry Affairs, NAB
Remarks: Todd Kalman, senior vice president, Sales, Marketron
2:10 p.m. Forum Take 5: Thriving on Main Street No Matter What’s Happening on Wall Street
Yes, your station can control its own revenue destiny, even in tough times. Learn best practices for fully owning your home-field advantage and growing local direct revenue.
Presenter: Erin Callaghan, President, Enterprise Partnerships, Futuri Media
2:15 p.m. NAB Show Radio Education Syllabus 
Need to know what you need to see to make the most out of your time at NAB Show? This agenda overview will give you all the details on what’s been planned for radio broadcasters at NAB Show.
Presenters: Bradford Caldwell, Vice President, Member Experience, NAB; Josh Miely, Director, Member Experience, NAB 
2:25 p.m. Forum Take 5: If Time = Money, How Much Money Could You be Making by Saving Time?
We know you struggle with how to get out from under all the minute details of running a radio station that, while necessary, are a time-drain taking you away from growing your business! How much time are you spending trying to get various vendors’ products or services to work together? Hear solutions on how you can alleviate these obstacles by streamlining and integrating your resources so you’re free to focus on making more money.
Presenter: Alex Quintero, director, Product Services, Radio Resources 
2:30 p.m. Forum Roundtables
Back by popular demand! Here is your chance to share ideas and learn from your colleagues in an intimate setting. Multiple topics will be covered, and you’ll have a chance to rotate and engage in up to three of them. 
Roundtable A
Recruiting On-air Talent
An emphasis on finding the right people can take your radio station to new heights on-air and with your client base. Hear how others across the country are succeeding and share your strategies on finding the best on-air talent.  
Presenter: Mike McVay, President, McVay Media
Roundtable B
Recruiting Salespeople
An emphasis on finding the right people can take your radio station to new heights on-air and with your client base. Hear how others across the country are succeeding and share your strategies on finding the best sales talent.  
Facilitator: Peter Tanz, President, Midwest Communications 
Roundtable C
Digital Promotions 
Money makers, trending topics and more. Discuss the biggest and best recent digital promotions with your colleagues to give your teams back home fresh ideas.
Facilitator: Rob Meisse, President and General Manager, Mid-State Multimedia Group
Roundtable D
Avoiding the Pitfalls with Digital Advertising
Join us for a discussion of best practices and how to avoid common missteps when selling digital advertising. Grow your overall revenue faster with key takeaways on smart digital sales strategies.
Facilitator: Bo Bandy, general manager, Digital, and senior vice president, Marketing, Marketron
Roundtable E
Sales Team Structures and Bonusing
As radio stays competitive with other media, savvy operators are rethinking everything. Traditional sales structures and bonusing are rapidly becoming outdated. So, what works? Discuss and learn here.
Facilitator: Tomas Martinez, Owner and CEO, Solmart Media 
Roundtable F
Increasing your Community Standing
Local radio prides itself on deep-rooted community ties. Are you doing as much as you can? Are there more impactful ways to engrain yourself in the daily lives of your listeners and advertisers? Hear what others are doing and share your best practices here. 
Facilitator: Rhonda Lapham, Market President, iHeartMedia
Roundtable G
Generating Event and Non-traditional Revenue
Events are back and people are eager to experience things. What have we learned as we emerge from the pandemic and how can you maximize profits when producing events and other forms of non-traditional revenue in 2023? Meet with colleagues to find out.
Facilitator: Jonathan Brewster, Chief Executive Officer, El Dorado Broadcasters 
Roundtable H
Operational Cost Savers 
Saving money is top of mind for every manager, but are there simple cost-cutting measures sitting right under your desk? Discover easy steps you can take to streamline your ops budget and bolster your bottom line.  
Facilitator(s): Alex Quintero, director, Product Services, Radio Resources; Bradford Caldwell, Vice President, Member Experience, NAB 
Roundtable I 
Growing Local Direct Revenue 
There’s never been more competition for advertising dollars — and there’s never been a better time to focus on local direct and developmental business. Discuss best practices and fresh ideas for maximizing your local advantage.  
Facilitator:  Bob Willoughby, senior vice president, Futuri Media  
Roundtable J 
Practical Applications for ChatGPT 
AI generative text applications give content creators the ability to craft copy and discover direct answers to questions in seconds. Discover and discuss how this new technology can practically change how your station builds content.  
Facilitator: Leonard Wheeler, President and General Manager, Mel Wheeler, Inc.
4 p.m. Break 
Check your email and refill your water bottle – the Forum continues after a break. 
4:10 p.m. Forum Take 5 - Three Tools Every Broadcaster Can Use to Grow Revenue and Retain Clients
Radio has enjoyed tremendous effectiveness and efficiency as an advertising medium but has sometimes been challenged to demonstrate metrics of success to advertisers. Veritone's Paul Cramer will share three ways you can use AI-powered solutions to help count earned-media towards campaign goals, measure web lift from radio advertising, and how stations can immediately tap into passive revenue opportunities.
Presenter: Paul Cramer, managing director, Enterprise Broadcast Solutions, Veritone
4:15 p.m. Tech Brief 
Insights on the most relevant technical issues facing radio in 2023 including new insights on DTS AutoStage are revealed and discussed.
Presenter: John Clark, senior vice president, Emerging Technology, NAB and executive director, PILOT; Juan Galdamez, senior director, Broadcast Strategy and Business Development , Xperi
4:35 p.m. Forum Take 5 - TKO: Digital and Radio
Take five minutes to hear a highlight of resources available for radio operations to seamlessly offer digital alongside radio advertising to create a total “knock out” strategy for advertisers. 
Presenter: Jordan Lopez, sales trainer, Integreation 
4:40 p.m. Audience Insights Brief 
Learn how radio fits in the current media ecosystem. Why do your advertisers need to create future demand and convert existing demand?  See how radio dominates ad-supported audio and is the "queen of the road". Explore how radio ads make digital advertising work better and vice versa. Learn how the in-car radio listening data from DTS AutoStage will be so beneficial to small and medium market broadcasters. 
Presenter: Pierre Bouvard, Chief Insights Officer, Westwood One \ Cumulus
5:10 p.m. Closing Remarks 
Hear closing thoughts from the Small and Medium Market Radio Committee chair. 
Host: Julie Koehn, President, Owner, Lenawee Broadcasting Company
5:15-6 p.m. Reception  
It’s time to meet, mingle and munch! End your time at the Forum connecting with old friends, making new ones, and enjoying some light fare before you head out. 

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Bo Bandy
General Manager, Digital & Senior Vice President of Marketing
Pierre Bouvard
Chief Insights Officer
Westwood One / Cumulus Media
Jonathan Brewster
Chief Executive Officer
El Dorado Broadcasters
Bradford Caldwell
Vice President, Member Experience
National Assocation of Broadcasters
Erin Callaghan
President, Enterprise Partnerships
Futuri Media
John Clark
Senior Vice President, Emerging Technology & Executive Director, PILOT
Paul Cramer
Managing Director, Enterprise Broadcast Solutions
Juan Galdamez
Senior Director, Broadcast Strategy and Business Development
Rhonda Lapham
Market President
Jordan Lopez
Sales Trainer
Tomas Martinez
Owner & CEO
Solmart Media LLC
Mike McVay
McVay Media
Robert Meisse
President & General Manager
Mid-State Multimedia Group
Josh Miely
Director, Member Experience
National Association of Broadcasters
Alex Quintero
Director of Product Services
Radio Resources
Peter Tanz
Midwest Communications
Leonard Wheeler
Mel Wheeler Inc.
Bob Willoughby
Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing
Futuri Media


April Carty-Sipp
Executive Vice President, Industry Affairs
National Assocation of Broadcasters
Todd Kalman
Senior Vice President, Sales
Julie Koehn
Lenawee Broadcasting Company