Sales Promotions that Drive Results Discussion Den Roundtable

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Originally Aired - Tuesday, April 18   |   9:00 AM - 9:45 AM PT

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Drill down on one of two topics and share ideas with your colleagues, all in a curated conversation space with a discussion facilitator. This roundtable segment focuses on how to build and deliver sales promotions that drive results for local radio clients.

This roundtable segment focuses on sales promotions and will feature topic talks on:

  • Creating Win-Win Promotions - The best promotions are a win-win-win. A win for the client, a win that reinforces the station’s brand, and a win when it engages the audience. When these three align, the promotions often become evergreen in the station’s promotional calendar and in the client’s budgeting process. Where do these ideas originate in your station? What are your best practices when pitching these ideas to programming or to the client? In this roundtable, we’ll talk about successful promotions and how we have all found success. 
  • Audience or Brand - What is your priority? - What’s more important in a post-COVID world, a focus on your brand or on your audience? Digital is here and everyone’s top priority.  As a result, some companies are walking away from traditional promotions entirely.  Is this a good strategy? Outside of on-air content, how are you engaging with your audience in markets with smaller promotions departments?

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Tim Bronsil
Chief Executive Officer
Point-To-Point Marketing
Mary DelGrande
Chief Executive Officer


Leah Kamon
Senior Vice President, Marketing & Communications