VR Production Workshop

Event Time

Originally Aired - Friday, April 14   |   9:00 AM - 5:00 PM PT

Event Location

North Hall Offsite   |   Offsite

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In this 2-day comprehensive workshop, Jeff Greenberg will empower attendees with the appropriate tools, knowledge and hands-on experience required to create their next immersive masterpiece and easily distinguish between their zenith and nadir.   


Please note this is a 2-day workshop. Day 2 will occur on site from 9am-noon, then continue online post event.


The workshop is designed to provide: 

  • The most thorough overview of 360/VR content creation. We’ll take a look at its history, where it is to and future considerations -  all while using 360 technology hands-on.
  • Maximize creativity and efficiency creating appealing 360 content and provide practical tips and practices and workflow advice attendees may apply to their very next 360 project.
  • Shooting 360 to expand the capabilities of HD and 4K production

You will learn:

  • An overview of stitching
  • Editing techniques and tricks for using 360 content in flat video
  • Importing 360/VR Footage in Premiere Pro
  • Viewing 360 content
  • Editing and Reorienting 360 footage
  • Adding 360 transitions and effects
  • Applying Text and Graphics
  • Performing a Basic Camera Rig Removal in After Effects
  • Exporting our 360/VR projects to youtube and Vimeo

Target Audience: 

The 360/VR Production and Post hands-on workshop is ideal for:

  • Experienced content creators
  • Film and journalism students
  • Producers
  • Cameraman
  • Journalists
  • Video editors


  • Knowledge of Windows OS or Mac OS
  • Fluency in video production and basic video editing terminology
  • 360/VR video equipment is provided during the workshop
  • Attendees will be required to bring their own portable drives if they want to have the footage they capture
  • A smart phone is required to use 360 apps and control the camera


Jeff Greenberg
CEO & Founder
J Greenberg Consulting