Immersive Storytelling: Expanding Audiences with XR in Games, Education, and Location-Based Entertainment

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Originally Aired - Tuesday, April 18   |   1:00 PM - 2:00 PM PT

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Immersive experiences have become easier to access than ever before. From headsets at home and in schools to location-based entertainment venues, consumers are embracing innovative ways to tap into their favorite stories. Today’s entertainment technology has the ability to make every player the main character in their favorite worlds, expanding the universes they love and breathing new life into the stories and characters they hold dear. We now have the ability to immerse our audiences' minds into infinite architectures: from blasting ghosts in the Ghostbusters universe to teaching biology by having students solve the mystery of a dying species at an intergalactic wildlife sanctuary.

Sit down with our panelists as they discuss increasing convergence between traditional entertainment and advanced technology, how nostalgia fuels new technology adoption, and what’s next for VR/AR/XR in the entertainment industry.

Metaverse, VR and Immersive Experiences | CREATE |


Aaron Grosky
President and Chief Operating Officer
Dreamscape Immersive and Dreamscape Learn
Jake Zim
Senior Vice President, Virtual Reality
Sony Pictures Entertainment


Amy Peck
Founder & CEO