The Edit is in the Prep: Perfect Points for Preparing your Post-Production Path

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Originally Aired - Sunday, April 16   |   8:00 AM - 9:15 AM PT

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Large editing and post-production jobs can often seem like an overwhelming task. We are often presented with monstrous mountains of footage to edit in this day and age of overshooting.

In this session we'll look at strategies to stay organized from the first delivery of media until the final output. As editors continue to be asked to deliver more content in less time, good organization is indispensable to doing a job well and maximizing profit. A few logging and organization tips can create skills that can last a lifetime.

We will discuss:

  • Organizing, logging and tagging media before ingest into the non-linear editing application
  • Preparation of footage for the edit including proxy generation
  • Using bins and metadata to keep files organized during the edit
  • Strategies for finding the best shots and takes with markers, keywording, selects sequences
  • What to do after the edit: online, mix and archiving

Editing, Post-Production and VFX |


Scott Simmons
Editor / Writer