Cloud Ingest, Processing and Distribution of Spots and Syndicated Content for the Sinclair Station Group

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Originally Aired - Saturday, April 15   |   1:30 PM - 1:50 PM PT

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This paper explores the technical, workflow, and cultural challenges of moving from a large number of distributed on-prem systems used for ingest and prep, to a centralized cloud system designed to handle tens of thousands of content files each month with greater speed and efficiency.

  • It will discuss workflow, technical design, and cloud architecture.
  • It will talk about necessary design compromises, the reason for those compromises, and actual performance of the system versus what was initially envisioned.

Though cloud-based media pipelines were first deployed some years ago by large entertainment networks, to our knowledge, this is the first cloud-based media pipeline brought online by a large US station group.  

  • We will discuss how the requirements of a large station group were found to be somewhat different from those of a large entertainment network, and how the early experience of entertainment networks helped us to achieve the efficiencies we envisioned, though sometimes through different mechanisms.

Measurement is key to successful iterative cloud design.  The narrative of our journey is supported with charts and graphs which illustrate both the expected and unexpected.

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Mike Palmer
AVP Media Management
Sinclair Broadcast