Jastrow, Marcie

Jastrow, Marcie

Metaverse Advisor at Shib The Metaverse

Marcie Jastrow 



Award-winning futurist Marcie Jastrow is an experienced innovator at the intersection of technology and content. Marcie was an early adopter of the analog-to-digital transformation, creating unprecedented partnerships with leading companies, such as Netflix, Amazon, Disney, and Fox and enabling streaming of content on demand. Her work was recognized with a Distinguished Leadership Award from the Advanced Imaging Society in 2018. 

Marcie has held executive positions at Paramount Pictures, Modern VideoFilm, Laser Pacific, and Technicolor, where she developed and launched the Technicolor Experience Center Artist-in-Residency program in collaboration with Sundance Institute. This led to new approaches to filmmaking, virtual production workflows, and revenue streams for Technicolor's brands. Marcie and her team also earned an Emmy for Outstanding New Approaches in Documentary Filmmaking.

Having grown tired of the corporate world, Marcie moved into a C-level executive role at Evercast, a start-up that allowed for real-time collaboration between distributed creative teams. In 2020, as creatives and studio executives experienced wide-scale lockdowns, Evercast’s product grew in popularity and earned multiple awards including an Emmy. 

Marcie is passionate about Web 3, Metaverse, Blockchain, AI, and the democratization of Digital Assets. Marcie joined the Shiba Inu team to help advise and build Shib The Metaverse, combining her knowledge of new technologies and content creation plus her zeal for adventure, Marcie is committed to pursuing projects she values deeply.  But the largest and most important project to date are her three children – Sophie, Natalle and Adam.


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