Miller, Adam

Miller, Adam

CEO at Nomad

Adam has spent over 40 years deep in the technology world and has had the opportunity to work with some of the largest and most influential companies that have shaped the modern media landscape. From rolling out the first shopping cart for BlueNote Records to 4k video automation systems with DirecTV to bringing NASA video archives online,  he’s been responsible for hundreds of major technology implementations throughout his career.   

His first “hello world” application written in IBM BASIC at the age of 8 eventually led to his acceptance by Carnegie Mellon University’s Computer Science program. His post-college corporate experiences quickly led to the creation of his first startup as a way to escape the corporate culture and “do things his way”. The 90’s and the fever pitch of the .com era allowed Adam to grow his application development company  (KORE) that opened the door to major investors and his ever-present desire to “take it to the next level.” Adam and his team helped lead the digital music revolution through clients like EMI Music Distribution, Maverick Records and Universal Music Group – all of which pushed the envelope of the technology capabilities of the time. Eventually, Adam was recruited by a small company fondly called “Clown Co” at the time – later to be renamed Hulu.

Much like the digital music revolution, Adam had the opportunity to be on the frontlines architecting and creating the advertising technology business for Hulu from the ground-up. Eventually, Adam realized he was a “builder” – not an “operator” and his strengths have always been working with companies to effectively use technology solutions to solve their business challenges. The next 10 years were then spent building media (especially video) solutions for dozens of Fortune 1000 customers like DirectTV, CBS and Mattel - until the point Adam said “this is silly – why are we building the same custom solution over and over for our customers?” The media world had evolved significantly over the last 20 years… but the supporting software had not. Nomad was born.

Today, Adam spends his time directing the technology vision for Nomad surrounded by an amazing team, although the software developers grimace if he still tries to jump in and write code (they patiently fix it when he’s not looking). His opportunities and experiences throughout his career have enabled him to foster his passion and energy that he brings to customers, clients, and partners along with the leadership skills he provides his employees that he hopes will be his real legacy.

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