Lennon, Chris

Lennon, Chris

OSA at Executive Director

Chris Lennon serves in Ross Video’s Office of the CTO as Director, Standards Strategy. He is responsible for Ross’ activities in standards and trade organizations, as well as its global thought leadership program.

Chris also serves as Executive Director of the Open Services Alliance (OSA), a global industry organization focused on interoperability among microservice oriented media systems. The OSA produced the media industry’s first microservices standards, working closely with SMPTE, in 2020, and continues to lead the way in this rapidly evolving area.

Chris has held a variety of leadership positions in the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE), including Standards Director, Local Section Manager, Chair of multiple Technology Committees. He is a SMPTE Fellow and recipient of SMPTE’s prestigious 2008 Citation.  He also has served in a variety of roles, including currently as Western US Governor, and Secretary of the SMPTE Rocky Mountain Section.

In his spare time, he is a championship-winning Porsche racer, high performance driving coach, and Nurburgring junkie, leading annual pilgrimages there and to the homes of Porsche, Audi and Mercedes.

SMPTE/OSA/Ross Video Catena Briefing
Sunday, April 16 3:30 PM - 4:00 PM PT