Viguer, Héctor

Viguer, Héctor

CTO & COO at Brainstorm

Héctor Viguer is Operations Director of Brainstorm Multimedia, provider of industry-leading real-time 3D interactive graphics solutions. In 1992 he graduated in Computer Science from the Universidad Politécnica of Valencia, where, while studying CAD-CAM he met Ricardo Montesa and started working at his company, Montesa Grafics. Here he begins his career by making a television-oriented meteorologist mapping system.

With the foundation of Brainstorm, in 1993, he joined to the new company and participated in the creation of a Virtual Scenography system in real time with Silicon Graphics (SGI) supercomputers, where he gained experience in the development of Real Time Graphics including, systems design, communications with external devices (tracking, motorized systems), and in the design of video interfaces for the Broadcast world.

In 2002 he moved to Japan to open Brainstorm's Tokyo office in partnership with For-A, Brainstorm's Japanese partner.

In 2003 he held the position of Director of Engineering, and in 2005 he began to technically coordinate various national (Vision and i3media) and European (IPRacine VI Framework Program) research projects.

Since 2009 he runs the day to day engineering management along with the company’s management at Brainstorm Multimedia, all without neglecting his involvement in R&D tasks.

Since 2013, he has also served as Chief Operating Officer of the American subsidiary, Brainstorm US Inc.

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