Siu, Connie W.

Siu, Connie W.

Virtual Production Producer at Eyeline Studios/Netflix

CONNIE W. SIU is an experienced creative filmmaker who enjoys working at the forefront of technology.  Throughout her career, she has worked in and promoted real-time filmmaking techniques.  She began in the interactive game industry building real-time 3D environments before working in visual effects and producing live-action films as well as leading efforts to introduce previsualization to the film industry.  Her background has also led me to write and direct my own films using Virtual Production and real-time filmmaking techniques for photo-real in camera effects.

Connie's current role as Virtual Production Producer at Eyeline Studios (the research innovation, and virtual production arm of Netflix) marries live-action film production and real-time 3D effects and animation.  At Eyeline Studios, she works with highly creative and technical teams to develop both technological advancements and creative assets for Virtual Production.   As the Virtual Production Producer, Connie oversees all film production and projects at our production facilities, working with film productions such as “The Batman,” “The Gray Man” and “Black Adam", using LED stages displaying photoreal environments, using Volumetric Capture Processes to reproduce photoreal performances of actors or Reality Twinning to create photo realistic real-time environments.

At Netflix/Eyeline Studios, Connie oversee and manage all virtual productions and am involved in technology development, show production and future planning for real-time filmmaking techniques and stage builds.  She manage specialized teams to develop tools to capture and deliver photorealistic 3D geometry of A-list actors lit with realistic real-time environment lighting based on 3D environments, HDR imagery and photography. 

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