Nowac, Brian

Nowac, Brian

CEO at MagicBox

For more than 20-years Brian T. Nowac has built businesses which harness advanced technologies to create epic motion picture content. He has been the founder or partner at five companies each leveraging technology in different ways to explore new and emerging frontiers in content creation.

Throughout his career, Brian has a history of leveraging emerging technologies as a conduit to deliver premium video content. Through this synergy, he has developed many innovative video experiences from 3D photogrammetry through your smartphone, to interactive holograms, to a projection system which displays commercials onto the windshields of cars while traveling through a carwash.

Over the past eighteen years, Brian has directed, and produced stunning advertising, branding, and marketing for world-class brands such as Paramount Pictures, Samsung, Twitter, New Balance, Sprint, GAP, Sephora, and Harman.

Today, Brian continues to bridge the gap between the worlds of technology and content creation with Magicbox. His new startup enables ICVFX virtual productions anywhere by delivering a fully functioning LED volume inside a transforming semi-trailer.

Robots, Lighting, and LED Volumes: A Discussion on the New Tools of the Trade
Monday, April 17 3:30 PM - 4:10 PM PT