Altham, Bryan

Altham, Bryan

Consultant at Sisu

Bryan Altham is a seasoned entertainment industry professional originally from the United Kingdom, with over 34 years of experience in the film business living in Hollywood. After earning a master’s degree in engineering, Bryan established himself as a respected member of the Directors Guild of America, working primarily in Hollywood on feature films, and commercials.

Throughout his career, Bryan has collaborated with some of the industry's most visionary directors, including David Fincher, Michael Bay, Spike Jonze, and Ridley Scott. He has worked on a wide range of projects, from feature films to legendary TV series like "Beverly Hills 90210," serving as a First Assistant Director. Bryan specializes in shooting in adverse conditions in foreign countries, leveraging his engineering background to mesh the film robotic world and new technology world. As the industry has evolved from film to digital, Bryan stayed at the forefront of technological innovation, working with industry-leading creatives such as Mark Romanek, Michel Gondry, and Joe Kosinski helping them integrate new techniques like motion capture, motion control, and Virtual LED stages into their work.

Bryan is thrilled to be involved in the partnership between Sisu and Magicbox, which he believes will address many of the broadcast and content creation challenges that he has encountered throughout his career. He is confident that the speed and ease of programming offered by Sisu's robots, combined with the versatility of Magicbox studio, will help to drive down production costs while simultaneously increasing the quality of final product, making cutting-edge content creation accessible to all.

Robots, Lighting, and LED Volumes: A Discussion on the New Tools of the Trade
Monday, April 17 3:30 PM - 4:10 PM PT