Kincaid, Patty

Kincaid, Patty

Vice President & General Manager at Media Staffing Network

Patty Kincaid, VP/General Manager of Media Staffing Network, has an accomplished career within the radio industry and currently works with all types of media companies assisting in their recruiting and hiring.  Based in Scottsdale, Arizona, she works with a variety clients helping them identify their needs to achieve great hires and improve employee satisfaction.  She is also a certified Executive Business Coach, with a practice focused on helping those transitioning in, out, and through their careers.

Patty has a passion for making connections. “Early on in my career I discovered that not only did I enjoy recognizing similarities and putting people together, but I was also pretty good at it. This ability has helped me as a management and leadership trainer, coach and consultant, and as a recruiter and client advocate throughout my career.”

Media Staffing Network strives to help clients position themselves as employers of choice by using marketplace trends, competitive knowledge, and recruiting expertise to create optimum hiring situations.  “In understanding what clients need we can put the right candidates in front of hiring managers who will help both the employee and company grow.”

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