Garcia, Tony

Garcia, Tony

Co-Founder at Now! Media

Tony Garcia is an accomplished radio industry professional with expertise in nationally syndicated programs and services. During his 30+-year career, he has earned a reputation for understanding the unique needs of individual stations, for his ongoing communication with affiliates, and for growing nationally syndicated products from inception to nationwide prominence.

Tony is the Co-Founder of NOW! Media, one of the few female and minority-owned radio production and syndication companies in America. Under the NOW! banner, he has led the syndication of Bob & Sheri to more than 70 stations nationwide. The show has garnered praise from both critics and affiliate partners and has expanded its influence to social media, podcasting, and publishing. 

While still in college, Tony got his start in radio in 1980 as the producer and co-creator of Wavebreaker, America’s first and only New Wave music countdown show, which aired on more than 80 college stations and a dozen European outlets. Beginning in 1983, Tony began working at leading radio networks, including the Progressive Radio Network, The Wall Street Journal Report, and United Stations Radio Network, where he was named Director of Affiliate Acquisitions.

When United Stations morphed into Unistar Radio Networks in 1989, Tony became Director of Programming Sales and oversaw the syndication of 23 weekly shows, broadcast on nearly 1,000 stations. The programs included heritage talent and titles, such as Rick Dees’ Weekly Top 40 and Dick Clark’s Rock, Roll, and Remember. During his tenure at Unistar, Tony cleared station affiliations for dozens of specials and seasonal shows, including Country Six Pack and Summer Beach Party, and was responsible for guiding Country Gold Saturday Night from concept to broadcast. The show is still produced today by Westwood One.

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