Lynch, Sheri

Lynch, Sheri

Co-Founder/Co-Host at Now! Media, Bob and Sheri

Sheri Lynch is the co-founder of NOW! Media, a multi-platform audio content creation company. She is also the host of the syndicated Bob & Sheri show, heard in 70-plus markets stateside and around the world on the Armed Forces Radio Network.  In addition to their three branded Bob & Sheri podcasts, Now! Media recently launched Brass Monkey Pods, a podcast network aimed at helping small content creators with discovery and monetization.

Sheri is a 10-time nominee for radio’s highest honor, the Marconi Award. She has been recognized multiple times by the Alliance for Women in Media Foundation for her exemplary creativity in programming created by and for women. She has been named one of the Most Influential Women in American Radio for the last 11years.

She is also the author of two best-selling non-fiction books, a cookbook for crazy cat people, and recently released her latest, The Book of Bob. She holds a Master’s degree in social work and is a fierce advocate for literacy and education. She lends her support to numerous community organizations as a speaker and fundraiser, particularly on issues that impact children and families.

Sheri is also the creator of TRUE WEIRD STUFF, a new weekly podcast that takes a dive into the kind of weird, strange, and 100% true stories you can’t believe you’ve never heard before.

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