Hedquist, Jeffrey

Hedquist, Jeffrey

President & Creative Director at Hedquist Productions

When ad agencies, advertisers, and broadcasters want better results, they call on Jeffrey Hedquist, “Advertising’s Storyteller.” He’s a marketing consultant & commercial creator who’s won more than 700 advertising awards for clients in 45 states. 

He helps enterprises of all sizes grow their influence and profitability.  As a national speaker, writer, consultant and seminar leader he’s conducted hundreds of workshops on story-based marketing and media throughout North America. 

You’ve heard his voice on national commercials for Goodyear, Ford, McDonald's, Time-Life, Dutch Boy Paint, Sunbeam, Target, Delta Airlines and others.

He’s the author of several eBooks on audio marketing and his monthly columns are featured in dozens of trade publications, newsletters and blogs. 



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