Bronsil, Tim

Bronsil, Tim

Chief Executive Officer at Point-To-Point Marketing

Tim Bronsil is the CEO and owner of Point-To-Point Marketing. Point-To-Point works with broadcasters and podcasters of all sizes, helping them grow and retain their audience in a shifting audio environment. Known for his fierce competitiveness, deep understanding of effective messaging, and love of data analytics, Tim is regarded as a partner to his clients for seamless audience development marketing.

Tim got his start in the industry at a young age of 17 and worked during his time as a student at Xavier University, where he earned his degree in Sports Marketing. After rising to EVP/Marketing at Critical Mass Media, Tim joined Point-To-Point as President in 2005. He became CEO in early 2022 and has overseen the company’s growth into audience development campaigns for podcasts and network shows while also growing the traditional radio marketing business.

Tim lives in Cincinnati with his wife of 24 years, Susan, and their two sons, Will (21) and Jack (17). 

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