Urbom, Nick

Urbom, Nick

CEO & Founder at Nowbase

Nick Urbom is one of Hollywood’s leading high-tech, experiential producers and a serial entrepreneur who has generated over $10 million in revenues for visionary companies supporting the world’s leading storytellers and innovators. He is a Founder of Nowbase, which is revolutionizing the way that creators can showcase their content, post collaboratively and monetize without the platform taking a cut.

In Nick’s extensive domestic and international business experience, he has developed and produced cutting-edge experiences for creators to advance their careers, which include tech platforms, professional conferences, content screenings and awards shows in Hollywood, Tokyo, Seoul, Beijing, Cannes, Brussels, New York, and Chicago.

Nick was Founder, CEO & Chairman of Infinity Festival Hollywood, and the Technical Producer for the Guild of Music Supervisors Awards and the Guild of Music Supervisors Annual Conference. He has Co-Founded 3 world-renowned trade organizations: the International 3D Society, the Advanced Imaging Society and the VR Society. He has worked with the University of Southern California to develop a multi-year professional education series for content creators and he is a Master of Legal Studies student at UCLA Law School.

The Independent Age in the Creator Economy
Sunday, April 16 1:00 PM - 1:40 PM PT