Heyning, Evo

Heyning, Evo

CEO at Realitycraft

Evo is the author of the Promptcraft guidebook and serves media leaders as a US based multimedia artist. Evo creates concept designs, strategies for an open metaverse, protopian and participatory futures that merge physical and digital media into interactive stories and creative play. Mixing generative works with physical art and antiques, Evo creates worlds with XR and metaverse tools, projection mapping and scientific structures that connect people to new visions and futures.

Evo curates and creates out of Realitycraft in Oakland; she has exhibits work around the world including projection mapping at Art Basel, large scale mural and collaborative tile projects in Providence, RI and Los Angeles, glass art and bodypainting in Los Angeles, painting and photography in Boston, MA galleries. Together with local teams she has designed large scale street games, immersive theatre, VR and interactive stories from game shows to livestreaming programs with metaverse exhibitions spanning 6 continents. Evo's metaverse and XR works have won international art, screenwriting and media awards over 2 decades since contributing to the Metaverse Roadmap in 2005. Her original productions include film, live, television, game, art and upcoming book and concept worldbuilding projects.

Some of her notable projects include authoring books including the Promptcraft guidebook on AI use in creative work, 'Visions of Global Justice' and Magratheans to Meet v1, and contributions to books including 'Step Into the Metaverse', 'Exponential Transformation' and 'Innovating Women'. Artworks include Pandora stained glass 3D sculpture, numerous enamel and glass works, short documentary films Love Positive and over 100 machinima shorts, large scale murals for Global PeaceTiles Project and 9/11 Memorial (Providence, RI, USA), and managing interactive and social media with live production for the Affordable Care Act campaign in 2014. Evo gives over 50 talks a year on art, media and production of AI topics in entrepreneurship; she is a co-founder in Toyshoppe Systems FX for virtual production in Los Angeles and advises interactive media teams and startups worldwide from volumetric and holographic to lightfield technologies.

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Sunday, April 16 1:30 PM - 2:15 PM PT
The New Production Partner, Generative AI.
Sunday, April 16 4:20 PM - 5:00 PM PT