Hirsh, Cori

Hirsh, Cori

Senior Business Development Manager at Media Staffing Network

Cori Hirsh joined Media Staffing Network in 2018 as a Sr. Business Development Manager, specializing in helping media clients understand all aspects of hiring in today’s ever-changing recruiting climate. In this role, she takes great pride in connecting her clients, mostly independent media companies, with candidates they might not have found on their own, allowing them to grow their business in various ways. 

Working in all market sizes, one of Cori’s many strengths is understanding her clients’ needs and coaching them throughout the hiring process.

Early in her career, selling local radio on the East Coast led her down a natural path of connecting and building relationships with people on all levels, from C-Suite down to her own traffic team, to ensure her clients’ commercials ran and didn’t get bumped.

A few years later, Cori found her niche within the small markets, selling national radio for Local Focus/Gen Media Partners. This experience had a profound effect on her ability to understand the nuances of medium and small markets and continues to provide useful for her many loyal clients today. 

In her spare time, Cori enjoys going to L.A. Rams games, walking her Sheepadoodle Harley, and spending time with her family.

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