Naylor, John

Naylor, John

Director, Product Security at Ross Video

John Naylor is an industry veteran and a ‘product guy’ who has been heavily involved in creating tools for digital content creators for over 30 years. Examples of the Academy® and Emmy® award-winning products he’s been personally involved with include:

  • AMS Logic Series, the world’s first all-digital audio mixers
  • Kodak’s Cinéon, which turned film into a digital medium,
  • Grass Valley’s Profile servers and K-Frame Switchers
  • NewTek’s TriCaster
  • Ross Video’s softGear™, software defined production microservices platform

As content is increasingly transported over IP networks, and more of the systems that process it are realized in software, the threat surface of broadcast operations has changed to put cybersecurity at the leading edge of production technologies. In response, Ross Video is making a significant investment to improve this aspect of its products both in terms of their features and the processes that create them.

As Director of Product Security, John is leading this initiative to make continuous improvements to Ross Video’s security maturity as it relates to Ross products, people and processes.

A Chartered Engineer since 1992, John also holds an MBA from Henley Management College, the UK’s oldest business school, and has studied Cybersecurity at the University of Texas, San Antonio which is ranked #1 in the subject by the USA’s Department of Homeland Security and is a Certified Information Systems Security Practitioner (CISSP). He is outgoing chair of SMPTE’s study group into securing PTP, and serves on NABA’s cybersecurity technical subcommittee.

Broadcast CISO Roundtable
Tuesday, April 18 2:40 PM - 3:20 PM PT